General Director

General Director of the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen:
Dr. Bernhard Maaz 

Curators of the Alte Pinakothek

Dr. Andreas Schumacher
Director of Collections
Alte Pinakothek
Chief Curator Italian Painting
Branch Galleries: Würzburg and Schleißheim

Chief Curator of Old German and Old Netherlandish Painting
Branch Galleries: Augsburg (Staatsgalerie in der Katharinenkirche), Burghausen, Füssen

Dr. Mirjam Neumeister
Chief Curator of Flemish Baroque Painting
Branch Galleries: Aschaffenburg and Neuburg a. d. Donau

Dr. Bernd Ebert
Chief Curator of Dutch and German Baroque Painting
Branch Galleries: Bayreuth and Bamberg

Dr. Elisabeth Hipp
Chief Curator of French and Spanish Painting
Branch Galleries: Ansbach and Ottobeuren

Curators of the Neue Pinakothek

Dr. Joachim Kaak
Deputy General Director
Director of Collections
Neue Pinakothek
Chief Curator of painting and sculpture 1850-1900

Dr. Herbert W. Rott
Chief Curator of painting and sculpture 1800-1850
Head of Sammlung Schack

Curators of the Pinakothek der Moderne – Sammlung Moderne Kunst

Dr. Oliver Kase
Director of Collections
Modern and Contemporary Art
Chief Curator of Modern Art

Chief Curator of Postwar Art

Prof. Dr. Bernhart Schwenk
Chief Curator of Contemporary Art

Dr. Franziska Kunze
Chief Curator of Photography and Time-Based Media

Dr. Simone Förster
Chief Curator Ann and Jürgen Wilde Foundation

Judith Csiki M.A.
Curator Written Art Collection

Curator of the Sammlung Schack

Dr. Herbert W. Rott
Curator Sammlung Schack

Museum Brandhorst

Achim Hochdörfer
Director Brandhorst Collection

Patrizia Dander
Head Curator

Dr. Monika Bayer-Wermuth

Giampaolo Bianconi

Staff of Museum Brandhorst

Communications and Events

Tine Nehler, M.A.
Head of Press

Barbara Siebert, M.A.
Head of Event Management

Anna Woll, M.A.
Head of Communications Museum Brandhorst

Provenance Research

Dr. Andrea Bambi
Head of Provenance Research
Head of Export of Cultural Goods
Branch Gallery: Olaf Gulbransson Museum, Tegernsee  
Export of Cultural Goods