Haubitz + Zoche

Installation view: Haubitz + Zoche, HIGH TIDE, 2014/15

Single-channel video installation, colour, sound, 4 min., tinted sun protection glass
Acquired as program acquisition in 2015

Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen, Munich

Photo: Stefanie Zoche



Pinakothek der Moderne | Kunst
Collection+ | Room 28 and 30a


The sea has always been a core motif in visual art. As a symbol of life as well as death, it has lost nothing of its power in current art production and forms the starting point of the third edition in the curatorial series “Media Art in Focus”.
In today’s world the oceans have become urgent symbols and indicators of climate change. New York City and Mumbai lie just a few meters above sea level. Large swathes of both cities are expected to be impacted by storm surges and flooding by 2050. With their installation HIGH TIDE from 2014/15, Haubitz + Zoche visualize the imminent danger faced by these two cities. Conceived as an installation with a glass partition, the projection becomes a three-dimensional visual experience within the exhibition space.
Meanwhile, in her video work, THE OCEAN WOULD RUN DRY (2015), Adeela Suleman recalls a saying by her grandmother, whereby the sea, tainted red by the repeated injustices of the world, will eventually dry up.

Under the title Collection+, the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungene (Bavarian State Painting Collections) in the Pinakothek der Moderne will be presenting studio exhibitions within the context of the collection. Presentations of new acquisitions, loans and artist rooms reveal the laborious work involved in gathering, maintaining and researching the collections, shining a light on the scholarly investigations into them and their contemporary relevance.